GRANT AMOUNT: $500 - $3,000


The Holter Museum of Art and First Security Bank understand the vital role working artists play in our community. They also recognize the economic struggles artists face in the pursuit of their craft. First Security Bank is the title sponsor of this program. This grant was created to help artists create new projects, purchase equipment that will help production of their work. 

For that reason, the two organizations created the First Security Artist Grants program. This allows artists the opportunity to easily apply for grants. The First Security Grants are meant to increase the exploratory opportunity, economic stability, and production capacity of artists by providing grants up to $3,000 in unrestricted support of visual arts. 

Support for individual artists has been a focus of the First Security Artist Grants program since its inception. 


One artist or group of artists will be awarded a grant ranging from $500 to $3,000, depending on the review panels recommendation. The Holter Museum requests a final report that describes how the grant helped complete a project or increased an artist’s ability to produce work. 


  • Visual Arts
  • Media Art


An individual or group of artists at any stage of career development - emerging, mid-career, and established - is eligible to apply for the First Security Artists Grants. 

Please email Rosemary Howell, our Associate Curator and Collection Manager with questions. or (406)4426499 ext. 104

  **You will be asked to create free a submittable account when submitting**

Exhibition Proposal Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Holter Museum of Art.  As you develop your exhibition proposal, please keep in mind the following considerations and requirements: 

The museum is committed to engaging diverse audiences through outreach, innovative educational programming, and collaboration with other organizations.  Increasing and promoting a strong cultural awareness to the broadest possible audience is a guiding factor to our operations.

Exhibitions & Education
Our Curatorial and Education departments work together to select quality artists who support the educational mission and goals of the museum.  Exhibitions must have clear potential for strong, thought-provoking programming, including but not limited to regular tours, studio classes and workshops, lectures, related films and readings, community and family events, and other educational activities involving local k-12 schools. 

Eligibility & Fees
Artists working in any media over the age of 18 are eligible for application. Regional, national, and international artists are encouraged to apply.  We encourage you to become a member of the Holter Museum of Art.

Exhibitions are selected, prepared, installed, and returned according to the standards and procedures outlined in the Holter Museum of Art Collection Management Policy.

Completed exhibition proposals – with all required materials – must be submitted through this submittable form. 

(No other applications will be accepted)

Proposals are then screened before passing to the Exhibition and Collection Committee which meets at least quarterly. If approved, you will be contacted by museum staff to arrange logistical details of the exhibition. 

The full exhibition proposal process may take up to eighteen months. 

Required Materials
An exhibition proposal will not be considered complete unless all of the following is completed.

Additional materials not listed in this form may be requested by museum staff later in the exhibition proposal process.

Please contact Rosemary Howell, Associate Curator & Collections Manager, with further questions. or (406)442-6400 ext. 104

Holter Museum of Art